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The Creative Workbook for Creatives

By Angela Mary Vaz

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In The Creative Workbook for Creatives, Angela Mary Vas, Creator of Stray Curls, mentors creators through the process of channeling their ideas into a creative outlet that makes money.

According to Vas, this book is for you whether you have a boring job, you’re a stay-at-home mom, or a college student and you have a passion for being creative. You want to use your time and skills to create something purposeful, but you may not know what, or how, or you’re simply just scared to take that leap.

Instead of taking months, or even years, to figure out your creative purpose and how to monetize it, Vaz acts as a mentor with a roadmap that will guide you straight to your creative destination.

I first purchased The Creative Workbook for Creatives in August of 2019 after coming across Angela’s blog, Stray Curls. I cannot recall what I was looking for that brought me to her blog, but I am grateful that I stumbled across it!

Angela’s bright and funny illustrations are what caught my eye first (just look at that cover), but as I began to read her content I was AMAZED at how much information about starting a blog she was willing to share free-of-charge.

You know how that goes: Some bloggers claim they have the ‘ultimate guide to’ (fill in the blank), or they’re going to help you achieve (fill in the blank). They entice you to click on their link hoping to find some good information about whatever you’re trying to learn and the link leads to a static page with their ultimate guide available for purchase, which is fine! People gotta make that coin, (I’m people) but you just want to make sure you’re actually going to get something out of the purchase.

But with Angela, y’all, you will not be disappointed!

While preparing to write this review, I tried and tried and tried to find something I didn’t like so I could give balanced insight into The Creative Workbook for Creatives, but I only found one thing. I am a legit fan of Angela’s work! So I’m going to start with the one thing I didn’t like, then go into what I like best about this workbook and why I think you should invest in it.



I rarely purchase ebooks/workbooks, so when I do I intend to reference them several times at later dates. The only thing I don’t like about The Creative Workbook for Creatives is that I can’t click links to navigate through the book. For example, if I want to refer back to a specific chapter, I’d like to be able to go the table of contents and click on the section I want to re-read. I can create bookmarks in my PDF reader, but I tend to work harder instead of smarter, so I’m probably not going to do that.

Aside from the navigation, I love everything about this workbook!



You can’t beat the amount of insight included in this workbook for only $17.

Workbook Format

I’ve used workbooks for various reasons and I tend to skip past some questions, leaving the spaces for answers unused. Not with this workbook. I took advantage of every question and answer field included because I believed in Angela’s process and in the end, I came out inspired and motivated to begin my blogging journey.


The book’s cover is an obvious place to start, but it’s perfect for the enclosed content. Women planning and creating with snacks and coffee on deck. Hunny, that’s how it’s done!

I love Angela’s artistic style; I love her color palette, her free-flowing lines, her ability to depict emotion in each comic, and how she draws to match her writing. Her work looks like a comic strip met a blog and had a baby.


One thing I’ve noticed about Angela’s work is that she likes to make sure what you’re about to read is going to be worth your time and money. She details the specific type of people who will benefit from her workbook, talks about the challenges they may be facing, and provides insight into what experiences led her to where she is today.


While the workbook is great, I have a few favorite chapters. I’m not going to spoil exactly what’s in these chapters because I want you to purchase the workbook and see for yourself (duh), but I’ll tell you a little about why I liked each chapter.

Chapter 2: Overcoming the Challenges of Being Productive

In chapter 2, Angela discusses 5 common fears, or pitfalls, that creative people tend to succumb to. She also provides tips on how to overcome these fears. 

I have experienced each of the 5 fears outlined in this chapter, so Angela acknowledging the normalcy of these fears and offering advice to push past them was exactly what I needed. Some people can overcome these fears on their own, but others, like me, need a bit of encouragement. If you’re like me, you will grow from reading this chapter alone.

Chapter 5: How to Make Money Doing What You Love

Everyone wants and needs (to a certain extent) to make money. Why not make money doing what you love? 

In this chapter, Angela discusses different ways to make money, how to constantly get clients, and the essentials of a business/business plan.

Chapter 5 was particularly helpful in the sense that I had no clue where to begin with creating a successful, creative, and passionate business. Stray Curls, after all, is a prime example of a successful creative business, so I figured following Angela’s advice just might get me to where she is!

Chapter 6: The Roadmap to Success that Every Entrepreneur Should Use

Whether you want to begin a blog, or a photography business (like my husband), or a home bakery, it’s going to be easier with a roadmap put together by someone who has been in your shoes. 

I’ve followed, and continue to follow, this roadmap to a T, in addition to other books and blog posts from Stray Curls. So far I feel that I understand what I need to do to be successful, and I plan to keep working hard to achieve my goals!

In conclusion, I’d like to thank Angela from the bottom of my heart for igniting the fire under my ass and leading me in the right direction!