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Make no mistake, the self-care stigma is still alive and well for men. But why?

When most people speak of self-care, they’re talking about women. Don’t believe me? Search ‘self-care’ on Pinterest and count how many pins are catered toward men. I’ll wait.


Now, I’m not saying EVERYONE views men’s personal care in a bad light. Case in point, I asked my husband what comes to mind when I say ‘self-care for men’ and here are a few points he made:

  • Mental health
  • Putting yourself first
  • Treating yourself
  • Striving to be the best you possible

I didn’t tell y’all Marquis is an evolved man, so I can’t be surprised by what he said. It almost seemed like he reads my blog or something (yeah right).

It starts with a conversation

We have to challenge society’s image of masculinity. It is unfair to tell men (and boys) their feelings don’t matter, or they shouldn’t be concerned with their appearance, or they’re not allowed to be vulnerable. God forbid we allow men to be their best selves inside and out, and set a positive example of what a man can look like for the young boys learning to come to terms with their own self-esteem.

Just as we expect men to speak out on women’s issues and defend women’s rights, it’s absolutely imperative that we women speak out against self-care stigma by normalizing personal care for men.

When you’re confronted with a stereotype of masculinity, call it out! Don’t be all loud and rude though. Present facts in a way that others can understand. Ask thought-provoking questions to encourage introspection. Accept the fact that you may not be able to change someone else’s mind and that is okay because you planted a seed nonetheless.

Do your part in rejecting the self-care stigma and normalizing personal care for men by challenging masculinity in the following ways:

  • Instead of saying stop crying/acting like a girl, embrace that person and ask them what’s the matter?
  • Dont’ tell someone to man-up, or use the fairly-new phrase, woman-up.
  • Don’t downplay mental health in boys and men. Instead, encourage them to open up to friends and family, or seek professional help.Now that we’re ready to destroy society’s current view of masculinity, we can move on to the real work: Practicing self-care.
  • What does self-care for men look like?

    More and more people recognize there’s nothing wrong with a man who’s in tune with his inner self, but so far it seems this revelation focuses on self-care products and grooming rather than providing actual tips for bettering themselves.

    So, the question is, what does personal care or self-care look like for men?

    The answer is simple. Personal care for men looks almost exactly like women’s self-care.

    SHOCKING, right? Not really.

    Here are some basic ways for men to practice self-care:

    • Make time for a hobby
    • Wake up early
    • Listen to music
    • Read a book or a comic
    • Get a massage
    • Play on an intramural sports team
    • Reflect on life
    • Go for a walk
    • Watch your favorite comedian live
    • Tell someone how you feel
    • Get your friends together and watch sports
    • Treat yourself to dinner
    • Do something nice for someone else
    • Take a nap
    • Make a budget
    • Decorate your desk at work
    • Meal prep for the week
    • Ask for help
    • Play video games with your kids
    • Forgive someone
    • Encourage other men to practice personal care
    • Download my FREE Daily Self-Care Checklists and start taking care of yourself today!
    With the internet squarely focused on learning about and implementing new self-care routines, it’s kind of hard to settle on tips you should actually try. Don’t get lost in the self-care sauce. Follow along with my series and start practicing real self-care today.