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Pretty soon your social media feeds will be inundated​​ with “New Year New Me” posts (just stop, please). You’re going to need these 20 tips for getting motivated in 2020 because​ let’s be real, you still haven’t changed the time on your microwave and daylight savings was almost a month ago.

It’s me, I’m that lazy.

I always become demotivated by the end of the year. It’s cold in Kentucky, pretty dreary-looking most days, and the thought of the amount of money I’ll spend during the holidays has got me down.

I try my best to remain positive, but let’s be real, IT’S HARD! REALLY HARD!

There isn’t anything inherently wrong with being in a slump. Some days we’re up and some days we’re down. That’s how life goes, right?

It’s important for us as humans to acknowledge how we feel, and we have A LOT of feels. Once our feelings are at the forefront, we have to do something to reignite the fire deep down inside the freezing cold pits of our souls (a little drama never hurt anybody​!)

If you’re feeling a bit down, depressed, lazy, irritated, or all of the above, I have exciting news for you:

Despite a poor mood, we can (and will!) get past this stagnation with a few easy changes!

If you’re ready to get off your bum and do something with your life again, these 20 tips for getting motivated in 2020 are exactly what you need!

20 Tips For Getting Motivated in 2020

(plus 2 BONUS tips!)

  1. Make a list of reasons why you’re not motivated
  2. Use my FREE Time Blocking Workbook and start tracking your time
  3. Organize your room or office space
  4. Make time for yourself
  5. Create a vision board
  6. Set SMART goals
  7. Work on one task for at least 2 minutes
  8. Get your new planner set up
  9. Update your resumé
  10. Learn something new on YouTube
  11. Create a morning routine
  12. Read positive affirmations daily
  13. Work on a new project
  14. Listen to TED Talks
  15. Make a gratitude list
  16. Create an evening routine
  17. Subscribe to podcast
  18. Work for 25 minutes, break for 5 minutes
  19. Track your progress
  20. Celebrate small victories


Take it one day at a time


Make it fun!

I hope these 20 tips for getting motivated in 2020 serve you well. Drop me a line in the comments and let me know which tip is your favorite!

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Until next time!