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Here are 18 motivational quotes to get you through the week, because, let’s be real, we’ll need a push at some point! Print this page out and hang it on your fridge, or write the quotes on sticky notes and stick them on your mirror, your desk at work, or on your car’s dashboard.

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+  You have to keep going to keep growing

+  It gets better

+  Your biggest commitment must always be to yourself
Bridget Devoue

+  You are exactly where you are supposed to be

+  Start today with a grateful heart

+  Do not forget how far you have come

+  You are more than worthy

+  Take a deep breath and do you

+  Mindset is everything

+  Feel what you want to feel and then let it go

+  Your future needs you

+  You were not made to be subtle

+  Being you is your super power

+  Letting go is so hard, but being free is beautiful

+  Choose joy

+  Time is non-refundable

+  Live intentionally

+  Have a great day on purpose