We’ve all been there. You find all of these “easy” Halloween treats to make with kids, but then you look at your children and think…

Are they really that easy for kids to make?

Can they even pay attention long enough to make those?

Am I going to end up doing all the work?

They’ll have so much fun, but is it really worth the hassle?

You’re not a lazy or a mean parent if you think this way. That shit takes a lot of time and effort, which is why I’ve gathered 13 of the most simple, tried and tested Halloween treats to make with your children of all ages. Well, not your 7-month-old, but you get what I mean!

Super cute, super sweet, and super easy! Yes, I wrote super 3x in one sentence, but how else would you describe these super adorable pumpkins?!

Talk about easy Halloween treats! Buy a bag of pretzels, some chocolate, spooky sprinkles, and let your kids dip those suckers ’til their heart’s content!

They might be called spooky bats, but there’s nothing spooky about these simply sweet cinnamon sugar creatures made with cut-out tortillas. Talk about easy!

I just can’t stop drooling while writing this post. Apples and caramel and white chocolate, oh my! It’s after 9 pm but Kroger is still open y’all…

Oreos are my all-time favorite cookies, so when I find such an easy recipe using them I jump right on it! Set out the supplies and let your kids go to town on these very simple Halloween treat spiders!

6. Rice Krispie Treat Monsters

The best​ thing about these Rice Krispie Treat monsters is you can totally save time by buying the prepackaged treats and decorate-away!

A ghost is obviously a mini pretzel‘s spirit animal. Just look at them living their best ghost pretzel lives. They were made for this quick and easy Halloween snack!

Simply elegant. Simply effortless. Find the recipe for these easy Halloween marshmallow pops here!

Okay, so these little bad boys might be the most difficult snack on this list. I recommend separating the cookie sandwich, push a lollipop stick into the filling, put the cookie sandwich back together, THEN dip them in chocolate. They’ll look like cute cake pops and you won’t struggle through the recipe. You’re welcome.

If you don’t find these pumpkin patch pudding cups to be an easy Halloween treat to make with kids then I’m not sure if I can help y’all. Don’t feel like making pudding? Buy some pre-made packs and sprinkle the extra stuff on top. Piece of cake…pudding!

I know not everyone is the baking type, so to save you a headache I’m going to give you a hint: store-bought cupcakes, box cupcakes, and made-from-scratch cupcakes are all the same to the tastebuds of a child. So, if you’re not up for making these simple Halloween cupcakes with your kids, run to Walmart for the cupcakes and toppings then get to decorating. Make a night of it!

My kids love them some chocolate donuts. Add little faces and wings to chocolate donuts with Halloween candy? Hunny, they will not know how to contain themselves!

Last but not least (oh, how cliche), these EXTREMELY easy-to-make Sour Patch Kids mummies are the quickest treats on this list. You can’t go wrong with sweet and sour, so these are sure to impress even the harshest toddlers.